Geldeston Locks in Geldeston, Suffolk

Geldeston Locks, Geldeston

The Geldeston Locks is a pub with a difference. Located next to the River Waveney, in the olden days the only way of accessing the Geldeston Locks was by boat. Although still a popular stopping off point for the boaty types out there, you'll be pleased to hear that you can now access the Geldeston Locks on foot, by car - or, as I did, by cycle.

The Geldeston Locks - pub by the River Waveney Geldeston Locks - located next to the River Waveney

The Geldeston Locks, as the name suggests, is in a village called Geldeston. Located on the Norfolk side of the Norfolk / Suffolk border, Geldeston Locks is a quiet village - if you're looking for a quiet location to spend a few days, Geldeston Locks could be right up your street. In fact, if I may be so bold, I'd like to recommend The Old Post Office as a holiday cottage to stay in to enjoy this part of Norfolk and Suffolk.

Geldeston has two pubs: The Wherry in the centre of the village; and the Geldeston Locks, which, it has to be said, is a little walk from the village. If you're after an out of the way country pub, you don't get much more out of the way than the Geldeston Locks!

On the way to the Geldeston Locks Can't see the pub yet? it's down this track somewhere...

Just outside Geldeston (and only 200 yards from the The Old Post Office) you'll find the start of the lane which leads to the Geldeston Locks. Notice I say "start of the lane", and not "the pub itself". The Geldeston Locks is well signposted from the road, although you still have another mile to get to to the pub.

Once at the The Geldeston Locks you'll be pleasantly surprised; whether you're on a winter short break and looking for a snug pub to sup a pint. Or, maybe, you're enjoying a summer walk and sit by the river and try some of Green Jack's finest, the The Geldeston Locks is the place for you.

Oh, and you can get the "big dog" ferry into Beccles from the The Geldeston Locks too. For the fitter out there, Geldeston is a 3 mile walk back. Or, of course, you can catch the ferry back to The Geldeston Locks.

The start of the journey to The Geldeston Locks Follow the track to the Geldeston Locks

Finally, if you're looking to take a holiday in a quiet village near the east coast in East Anglia, you might be interested in the The Old Post Office - a holiday cottage in the centre of Geldeston which sleeps 6 people.